Collection of Losses.


executor.Executor Carry a function and the way of executing it.
executor.SumExecutor The sum executor.


classifier.ClassifierLoss Classifier Loss Executor using the classifier model, instantiated with a fn.


gan.GANExecutor Executor for GANs.
gan.AdversarialLossType Enumeration for Adversarial Losses.
gan.GeneratorAdversarialLoss Base class for the adversarial loss of the generator.
gan.DiscriminatorAdversarialLoss Base class for the adversarial loss of the discriminator.
gan.GeneratorBCE The Binary CrossEntropy computed among the generator and the 1 label.
gan.GeneratorLSGAN Least Square GAN Loss for generator.
gan.GeneratorL1 L1 loss between the generator output and the target.
gan.GeneratorHingeLoss Hinge loss for the Generator.
gan.FeatureMatchingLoss Conditional GAN Feature matching loss.
gan.CategoricalCrossEntropy Categorical Cross Entropy between generator output and target.
gan.Pix2PixLoss Pix2Pix Loss.
gan.Pix2PixLossSemantic Semantic Pix2Pix Loss.
gan.EncoderBCE The Binary Cross Entropy computed among the encoder and the 0 label.
gan.DiscriminatorMinMax The min-max game played by the discriminator.
gan.DiscriminatorLSGAN Least square Loss for discriminator.
gan.DiscriminatorHingeLoss Hinge loss for the Discriminator.
gan.get_adversarial_loss_discriminator Return the correct loss fot the Discriminator.
gan.get_adversarial_loss_generator Return the correct loss for the Generator.


classifier The classification losses.
executor The Executor.
gan GAN losses.